Thursday, March 29, 2007

Children and Easter break in Mexico

My kids will be off school starting tomorrow for two weeks as all of Mexico celebrates Easter week and Holy week. That has an upside and a downside as I love to spend time with my two teenagers but it is hard to get much work done. Yes, I am a parent that has the privilege of working from home.

What to do with them? I would suggest the beach - however, my daughter hates the beach because it has salt water and sand - yuck! She doesn't like to swim in our pool either - chlorine and more water! Imagine living in Playa del Carmen and having a daughter who doesn't like the beach or water. My son likes to skim board now but that is only good for about an hour and then he is bored of it. By the time I make sure he has suntan lotion on and get him there it is hardly worth it.

My daughter loves to bake - but that means I have to do the dishes because she baked and that is only fair because she does the dishes when I cook - but did I mention I have to do the dishes? They could finally clean up their rooms - yes right. Yard work? Not a chance. They could hang out with friends - that usually means a request for money though as their needs are always many whenever they go out.

Yep, I am looking forward to two weeks of bonding with my children. Maybe I could go to my husbands office? Hmm, there is an idea ............

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

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