Monday, April 30, 2007

Adventures in unpotting a palm tree in Mexico

This should have been a very simple procedure ............ you see we have a palm tree plant by our door that had outgrown its pot. So my husband and I found the perfect new and bigger pot to transplant it into. You would figure that the rest would be fairly simple wouldn't you? I did - but no, my husband and son managed to make a 3 hour adventure out of re potting one plant. You see the palm apparently refused to come out of its old pot. The idea was to be very gentle to save the old pot for another plant ........

The boys slid a machete between the dirt and the pot all the way around - a tug - no movement. OK, try poking it out from the hole on the bottom of the pot - no movement. Make the hole at the bottom bigger and try to poke it our again - no movement. OK, hang it upside down off a 6 foot concrete wall and shake - no movement. Try to pound it out - still no movement. Finally - give up on saving the pot and throw it from the wall onto the gravel. Well, it made quite a hole in the gravel but the pot and plant are still intact.

My husband finally tells our son the golden words he had been hoping for - to go get the hammer. One swing and the pot becomes history and the palm tree is free!

It looks lovely in its new pot by our door - but it is a good thing the pot is large because I don't think the boys want to do that again very soon!

Long live the Mexican palm trees - and their pots!

Enjoy the Adventure, Suzanne

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