Monday, April 9, 2007

Driving in Mexico

Driving in Mexico is different. Left hand turns from right hand lanes in some of the states and not others would only be the beginning of the story........

How about how the buses and taxi drivers drive? They are all crazy! I think that they think they are driving at a race track. Anyone who has lived or driven in Mexico is by now nodding knowingly.

Driving in Playa del Carmen is crazy and bumpy. Let me explain ..... I live in an area called the Ejido and we have some dirt roads that have become more a series of potholes than a road. Most people drive all over the road to try and avoid as many potholes as possible - not me! I say if we are going to have them, we might as well enjoy them. Some mornings I drive slow so I can feel the car dance and digest my breakfast at the same time. Sometimes I try my dad's fly over them method (don't tell my husband). Every day can be different and never boring.

I am especially amused by the fact they filled and compressed one fairly main road so there were no more potholes. I guess that was considered no fun because within days large trenches had been dug across the road in multiple places to slow people down. We are happily back to that pothole feeling.

Guess what else? Rainy season is coming. That means free swimming holes will be available on our road!

Would I change anything or complain? No way. Some people have to pay at Disney World for this kind of adventure.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Life Coach and Author

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