Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Real Mexico

The “Real Mexico” – what is that??? Really, how many ways are there to describe Mexico? Fifty people could go to the same city and I bet they would come away with 40 different experiences. What part of town did you go to? What did you look at? What did you focus on? Who did you meet? How did you treat the people you met? The variables go on and on.

Mexico is so diverse that you can buy raw chicken from the back of someone’s truck for lunch and then dine at a 5 star restaurant for dinner. You can be shopping in an open air market with raw meat hanging all around you at 10:00 and shopping in Sam’s Club or a big box grocery store by 11:00.

How you live in Mexico can be as varied as the people.

When we go to Merida for instance, we usually choose an upper end hotel like the Hyatt because it is different than the life we have chosen to live the rest of the time. Let me explain . . . . .

Our house is in an area of town called the Ejido; that is where many working class Mexicans live. We tried renting in the ritzy area of town, and enjoyed it for awhile, but we got tired of the tourists! We now have the perfect house for us with a beautiful private yard. But sometimes we want a change ......

My life in Mexico is almost as diverse as the country itself.

What would you like to experience to know the real Mexico? How much time do you have? Come for a visit - but be ready for anything.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Life Coach and Author

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