Monday, May 21, 2007

I need two fridges in Mexico!

I have two fridges in my Mexican kitchen and would entertain the idea of a third if I could only find the space for it. Why you ask?

Let me tell you .........

One is for regular fridge items like food and leftovers; the other is for drinks and the many food items and baking supplies that I used to keep in my cupboard in Canada. You see, you deal with two little challenges in Mexico - mini ants and heat!

The ants can usually be stopped by putting EVERYTHING into plastic containers but sometimes you just need things to stay fresh in the fridge because it is just too hot in the cupboard! Also, often things are just the wrong size and shape for those containers.

So my second fridge is full of cold pop, beer and juices for when friends stop by PLUS crackers, nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, candy, oatmeal, cornmeal, coconut, granola and raisins.

So now that you know my stash - you'll be popping by at what time?

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

P.S. My book: Only in Mexico You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico is available now on my site

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