Monday, August 20, 2007

Offering adventure vacations with Hurricane Dean

Would you like to come now for an adventure vacation? Hurricane Dean is getting closer! At this point it looks like Chetumal will get the brunt of it and not Playa del Carmen but who really knows? I am sure you would have thrills no matter where in the Riviera Maya you choose to holiday.

Actually it is very interesting to go down to the beach right now as our tourists are lazing around soaking up the beautiful sun and swimming in the so far calm ocean. They have to sip water and lemonade though as an alcohol ban went into effect yesterday. Mexico has decided that it is best to try and prevent people from being drunk during a hurricane. Anyway we have the beaches that look like it is life as usual in the sunny tropics and then you go into town and find all the locals in lineups for gas, water and plywood. It appears to be two different worlds.

Playa already has emergency personnel in town so I am feeling like we are in good hands. I am impressed with Mexico every hurricane.

What has our family been doing? Well for starters our daughter baked cookies. Smart girl as they are non perishable - last hurricane I made cream pie - not smart when the power goes out early.

What will we do during the hurricane? My husband Shawn has decided he will teach a candle making course during the hurricane - he has wax, toilet paper rolls and special string for wicks ready. Our son figures we can start a game of Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow and just be finishing it up as the hurricane ends (as the game can last a long time). I don't really figure that is the case as all of us have gotten out of the rat race in the game in less than an hour on more than one occasion - which will leave lots of time for our candle making course.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

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