Friday, August 24, 2007

Successfully peeling a mango

Living in Mexico has many benefits and plentiful mangoes are one of them.

There are many ways to successfully peel or cut up a mango. We had mango on a stick in Puerto Vallarta. They actually made it look like a big flower and somehow managed to get a stick into the pit.

Some people don’t peel it. They simply slice on each side of the flat pit. Then they score it into squares and flip it inside out so that they can eat the squares of mango off of the skin. Interesting eh?

I start by peeling it with a peeler – that should be straight forward you think . . . . But it is a little slippery – so off it scoots across the counter. Thank goodness my counter is clean! The best thing to do now is just to grab this slippery, slimy thing and finish the peel job. Then slice the fruit away from its large almond shaped pit. I can handle that! Once off the pit, it is easy to cube that delicious, juicy fruit. The hard part is not eating it all as you prepare it!

Don’t forget to find a volunteer to suck on the pit. It’s juicy, fun and tasty but the juice is guaranteed to dribble to your elbows and you invariably get mango caught in your teeth.

Have you ever tried mango cubed into a green salad? Romaine lettuce, toasted pecans, cubed apple, diced jicima, cubed mango and a sweet/sour vinaigrette dressing. It is the best!

Feel free to share your favorite recipe or thoughts on eating a mango as it is still mango season in Mexico. I’m going to go peel one now. Wish me luck! Anyone want the pit?

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

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