Monday, September 3, 2007

Enjoy having a maid in Mexico!

I really love my maid!

She scrubbed my bathroom floors on her hands and knees the other day! Who else is going to scrub my bathroom floors? It sure won’t be me!

Living in Mexico definitely has its benefits and having a maid for a reasonable cost is one of them.

I am one of those people who had a maid in Canada as well. I worked, had the money and hated cleaning. I found a lady who loved to clean (hard to believe eh?) and the income she made helped support her and her son.

So it was no trouble at all for me to adjust to having a maid in Mexico. I love to help people and I love my house being clean without my doing it.

When the kids found out she swept under the bed they were amazed because Mom never did that! Who looks under the bed anyway? Now you know why I also need a maid in Mexico!

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick

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