Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it dustier in Mexico these days?

A swirling vortex of dust is headed down the road straight to my house. Is the window open? When does my maid come again? She always cleans muttering “Hay mucho polvo” …. “Hay mucho polvo” … Which translates to - there is a lot of dust! Sorry Eva!

One day soon my road will be paved again. This by the way is the same road they tore up a year and a half ago to put in the sewer pipes. So tell me, what will life be like when I have no more dust filling up my house and covering my car? How will I fill my time that is currently spent wiping my tables and counters off?

Maybe I'll try windsurfing! In fact maybe I'll try that now and stop worrying about dust - after all there are more important things in life..... writing really helps put things into perspective! Suddenly I love the wind! The dust? Well, as I said previously, I love my maid!

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne
Suzanne Marie Bandick

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