Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More road construction in Mexico?

This is a funny story. Only in Mexico you say? I drove my son to school this morning. What is normally a five minute drive took fifteen. Why? It was because of road construction.

Let’s see, the first right I tried to take had three roads with a total of five lanes of traffic trying to merge into one lane just before a traffic light. I actually backed up from that mess to take another route.

I decided to go several blocks to the left in order to go straight. That was a great plan until I tried to make another right (yep – still trying to get to the Highway). This right hand turn again had four lanes merging into one because they had blocked this road too! We managed that to find out the traffic going against us on the highway also had to deal with road construction and were backed up - I would normally return home this way!

My son actually apologized that I had to go through all that to take him to school! Maybe it was worth it just to hear the thanks? … I actually told him it was not a problem and that if this was the worst I had to deal with today life was a piece of cake. He was not even late for school – although he was right at the bell.

I returned home through Puerto Vallarta – please note that we live in Playa del Carmen on the opposite coast of Mexico. No, I jest – because I wouldn’t be home yet would I? But it would make for a good adventure! Wait until people asked me how I ended up on that journey!

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick

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