Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day of the Dead in Mexico

In Spanish it is called Dia de los Muertos.

When we first moved to Mexico I did not understand this holiday or this concept. As with everything we do not understand, it even scared me a little. Why did Mexicans display skeletons and skulls made out of sugar?

It turns out that the whole emphasis is on celebrating and honoring the lives of the deceased, and celebrating the continuation of life; the belief is not that death is the end, but rather the beginning of a new stage in life. Now this I can get behind.

Alters are made and graves are decorated to celebrate the lives of loved ones passed away. If artistic skeletons are used, they are often adorned with the type of clothes the deceased would have worn. Their favorite food and drink and cherished possessions are put out in hopes their spirits will be enticed to visit.

This special time is celebrated November 1st and 2nd. I better get preparing!

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick

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