Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mexico and the art of relaxation

One of the keys to living life to the fullest in Mexico is to relax! Isn’t that why we are here? So that we can finally get away from stresses and relax? So let’s relax. Everything will work out while we are at the beach or hanging in our hammock. This may take some practice – but we need to practice the art of relaxation daily.

Some scenarios in Mexico … Will no one show up when they say they will? Yep! Relax. Will it all get done anyway? Yep. Relax.

Let’s practice now … Where are you going to be? Will you be at the pool? Will you be on the beach? Will you be in your hammock? Will you be sipping something cool with friends on your sundeck? Yep! Good ideas!

By the way, if you have not totally mastered the language? Hand gesturing and charades are a great pastime here. Mexicans are generally a very gracious people – they are just happy to have us try and will keep repeating as often as we need to make us understand.

Will you sometimes need a translator even when you think you know Spanish? Yep. Did you know a few people even talk in Mayan here? Adds to the fun! Relax!

I guarantee that often you will not even know why they do things the way they do here. And does it matter? Nope! What are we busy doing? Relaxing - We are living life to the fullest in a paradise.

We must do what we must do – practice the art of relaxation. I vow to keep practicing until I get it right. How about you?

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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