Friday, November 7, 2008

Day of the Dead in Mexico

A friend sent me this and I thought you would enjoy it. I have never lived anywhere in Mexico where they actually practice this tradition, at least not that I was aware of . . . . . .

On November 1st we celebrate day of the dead in Mexico, a tradition that seems to be mostly lost or modernized in the big cities of Mexico. Lucky for me though, there are many, many tiny towns where old traditions and even prehispanic languages are still preserved. So on Saturday night I went with a couple friends to a town called Cucuchucho (yes that is spelled right...) near Morelia, to see the real tradition.

We went to the graveyard where the families had decorated the tombs of their deceased family members with a traditional orange flower called Zempazuchil and candles. They leave food offering so that the souls will have food and candles so they have light to guide them. They put up wooden frames and cover them with the orange flowers (some even have creative shapes) which are believed to be the door for the soul to come though at midnight and the whole family stays by the grave all night (even the kids) chatting and eating.

It was a beautiful thing to experience, there was such a different energy there then one would imagine for a grave yard. There were kids running around asking for money to buy a sugar skull (which is a Mexican version of trick or treating, but now with the north American influence they are happy if you give them candy too). So we went to the town and found an open store to buy some candy to give them.

On the way back we went to the main town square and had corundas for dinner (a Mexican food that is like a corn bread wrapped in banana leaves and served with cream and salsa verde). The girl that served us told us all about the traditions and the town festivals, she said they had a party for something or another almost every week so we should go back there as often as we can to see their different customs.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

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