Thursday, January 15, 2009

Third day of rain in Playa del Carmen

Well okay not everyday has included rain but it has been cloudy, overcast, and cool. Interestingly I had just been telling everybody how unseasonably hot it was for Playa del Carmen this time of year!

I just checked out the weather network on the internet and it says this way until Sunday! First my apologies for anyone holidaying but I guess on the bright side it is warmer here than most of you are used to in winter and you will not need 3 sweaters like I do.

Now that I have spent my 5 minutes moping about rain in Playa - what is the bright side? I don’t have to water my garden – the lawn looks better than ever – I get to wear those sweaters I rarely use – I put a blanket on the bed - and I have been turning on some heat in my vehicle and that is cool.

Life is full of fun little adventures and I have decided that I am going to enjoy this! Now where is that fireplace DVD?

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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On Mexican Time said...

hola chica - just found your blog, and added you to my blog roll!!

Really positive and fun to read :)

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Great! I just added myself to follow your blog too! Like minds need to stick together. Here is to fun in the sun ... and adventure!

I didn't even realize we could add a follower gadget until last week.

On Mexican Time said...

I know - I'm gettn used to this blogger tool too!!! I need a maestra in the blogger world!!!