Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Mexico safe?

My goodness there seems to have been a lot of negative publicity about Mexico in the US and Canada papers lately – something about Mexico not being a safe place for foreigners to be.

I don’t know about this first hand but I have been receiving numerous enquires about it in my email box. There is also the frustration I hear from friends who have businesses in Mexico that are less than impressed by the fact that tourists are being told to stay away.

Here is my short and sweet response if you were to ask me how safe I feel in Mexico. ….

I feel safer here than anywhere I have been in the world and remember I also have two children here. Would I live here if I felt we were in danger? Never. I do have options.

There are only two reasons not to come to Mexico . . .

1. You are a shady character and plan on getting involved in some illegal activity. If yes, I think you would be in danger anywhere you lived.

2. You are still scared. We attract what we are thinking about so if you fear the worst please don’t come because it may not be safe for you.

Now reasons to come . . . .

I have one hundred and one - starting with the beautiful weather, the beaches, the palm trees, shrimp tacos, the great exchange rate, the change of culture and the beautiful, gracious people.

The final choice is always yours; feel free to comment here. I'll get back to you when I get home from the beach.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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Cynthia said...

You are right Suzanne there is a lot of news about problems and I've even been asked if I think I should be going to Mexico. My response is that I feel safer walking around in Mexico than I do in my own part of the world. Bad things can happen anywhere, anytime - you can't stop doing what you love just because maybe..........

I tell people - Life's too unpredictable - go out and do the things you love because you just don't know what tomorrow will bring; for me it's - bring on the beaches and the margaritas!

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