Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Mexican Holiday

Our family just returned from a wonderful trip to Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

We also visited Patzcuaro, Quiroga, Tzintzuntzan, and Isla de Janitzio. Our flight even made a connection through Mexico City again.

The kids had a few days off school and it was quiet in Playa del Carmen so we decided it was the perfect time for a little holiday. We found it was starting to get hot in Morelia during the day just like in Playa del Carmen; however the air is much dryer in Morelia. I prefer Playa’s climate in May.

Everywhere we went, we were once again greeted by very friendly people. Little English is spoken here so we got to practice our Spanish.

Downtown Morelia is an amazing site with its historic buildings. I felt like I was a guest on a movie set. And there always seems to be a party in the main square.

Patzcuaro is another delight with all of its historic buildings painted in white and rustic red. Quiroga was a profusion of color with all of its shops and markets lining the streets. I actually bought an awesome lamp for a quarter of the cost of what it would be in Playa or Cancun. I carried the lampshade as hand luggage on the planes coming home!

Isla de Janitzio was a favorite. The island is created like one big hill and all the buildings are crowded together all the way up it. They have left room for stairs (lined with markets and restaurants of course) so you can climb to the top to see the huge monument of Mexican hero of independence Jose Maria Morelos. You can even climb inside the statue to a lookout in his fist.

It was all an excellent adventure. I’ll post pictures in my Facebook album later today.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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Todd said...

Patzcuaro, that is my stomping grounds.

I see you just posted this yesterday, so you may still be in the neighborhood.
So, if you want any tips or recommendations from a local feel free to drop me an email.
toddish (at) gmail(dot)com

I dont know what sort of things you are into, but I always recommend a trip to the Volcano, Paracutin, to visit the church there.

Very funky site, a wall of lava plows through the church and stops dead in front of the alter, and then proceeds to go around it.

Must have been catholic lava.

Have a great trip!


Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Thanks Todd! We are back in Playa del Carmen now but we plan to be back to Patzcuaro later this year - around 'Day of the Dead'. I'll be sure to check things out with you. I absolutely want to see that church!