Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another weekend in Bacalar, Mexico

We went away last weekend to one of my favorite chill out spots in the world. We were in tranquil and beautiful Bacalar, Mexico.

It is an easy 3 hour drive south of Playa del Carmen and we break up the trip by stopping for breakfast in Felipe Carrillo Puerto which is about half way. A restaurant called, El Faison y El Venado makes the best chicken enchiladas verde (verde means it is covered in green tomato sauce) that I have ever eaten. I also had a panucho as a breakfast appy. A panucho is made with a thick home-made tortilla layered with beans, shredded chicken, pickled onion, thin sliced tomato and avocado slice. You can fold it over and eat it like a taco. Need I say more? I couldn’t possibly think of leaving Mexico now as I love the food too much.

As we get closer to Bacalar there are a few small towns that have venders at the speed bumps on the road. We always get some banana bread and whatever fresh fruit is in season. We missed the nut and candy guy this time as there was some road construction in his neighborhood and he was not there.

We usually stay in a great little inexpensive hotel right on Laguna Bacalar but this time we were with friends who wanted to try something different so we ended up in a fully equipped 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo one block from the beach for about $80/ couple. Our room was steps away from the pool. I think this is the only ritzy place in town as Bacalar is still a quaint, very, very little town.

I could have just relaxed there all weekend but this time we had bigger plans! A grand opening BBQ at a new ranch called Num Ka’an where you can ride horses, play horseshoes and can eventually head to the beach for a swim. They do a real smokehouse BBQ making really awesome ribs and burgers. Yes, more food for lucky me.

Sunday we went out on a friend’s boat – there are probably only three boats ever seen on this huge fresh water lake. The turquoise water was beautiful and the swimming sublime. We swam in pirate’s cove in crystal clear water with piles of gleaming white sand all around us. I am in so love with this place. I cannot wait to have our house built there!

The only thing I would have added to this beautiful weekend would be a day or two more to really enjoy more relaxation. Bacalar, you know I’ll be back.

I'm putting pictures on my facebook!

Enjoy the Adventure!

With great love, Suzanne
Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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Tulum Living said...

I LOVE Bacalar. The whole place is just magic. Thanks for posting the Dutzi post on your blog. I love that project. and the bags are great. Next time you pass through Tulum we should meet up for some coffee!!

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Yes to all! Kudos on your school project too. I also agree we should meet up sometime. I'll let you know when I come to Tulum and have time to meet and you can let me know if you are coming into Playa del Carmen.

Here is to another awesome day in paradise.

Pawel said...

Looks beautiful. We've never been to Bacalar, but you've convinced us that it might be worth the ferry trip over from Cozumel. Thank you for sharing!

Pawel from enjoycozumel.com
Cozumel vacation rentals and property management

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

You are most welcome. It is a pleasure to share fun things. Just email me if you need any more specifics whenever you are ready to go to Bacalar.

On Mexican Time said...

Can you believe I have never been to Bacalar?? I'm really going to have to make hubby take me to all these wonderful places!!

Mmm.... I loove the food here too!! Even the deep fried stuff that I hated back in Canada!! Churros...yum.