Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mexican sand on your feet

Got sand?
Got sand between your toes?

My husband and I live in Playa del Carmen with the benefit of beautiful beaches a short walk from our house. We moved to Mexico because we wanted warm weather year round, a different culture, palm trees and the beach. Yep, simple needs.

You know what can happen when you live in paradise? You can get caught up in a day to day routine of things that need to be done (especially when you are not retired here) and forget some of the very reasons you moved here – like the beach!

When you live here – don’t let this happen to you!

Our slogan around our house is … if you don’t have sand between your toes, you are not spending enough time at the beach. We welcome sand in our pool, sand on our floors and sand on our car mats.

Sand on your feet equates fine living to us.

Enjoy the Adventure!

With great love, Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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