Monday, May 17, 2010

Mexican iguanas by the pool

It has become very hot in Playa del Carmen now so yesterday I was enjoying the freshness of cooling off in my pool and a beautiful, bright green iguana tried to poop on my head! (I am showing a picture of the culprit).

You see it turns out he was enjoying his perch in a palm tree above the pool. My husband could not stop laughing as he saw it fall and then he saw my face! It missed me by that much.... and actually landed on the pool noodle I was using. Yuck!

He finally sauntered off but we noticed another of his buddies was also in the palm tree so we figure they probably had a bet on to see if he could get me.

What do we learn from this experience? Don’t plant palm trees too close to the pool as an iguana may climb up and try to poop on you!

Ah the adventures of living in paradise.

Enjoy life's adventures!

With great love, Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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