Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surviving the rain in Mexico

Well we are back to talking about the fact that it is rainy season in Playa del Carmen.

It rained all night and now all day. My towels (washed yesterday) are still hanging on the line going through a continual rinse cycle. I like to think of it as natures fabric softener.

So anyway, what do we do on rainy days in Playa? Here are some suggestions....

- Go in the pool anyway. Wet is wet.
- Same applies for cenotes and the ocean. We can call it natures wet and wild.
- Buy an umbrella and walk around in the rain... splash in the puddles.
- Find a restaurant street side and watch the people go by.
- Take in a movie. Our cinemas are excellent and inexpensive.
- Stroll one of our malls. We have Las Americas and Centro Maya.
- Visit an arcade. Both malls have them. Be a kid.
- Head to a pub and watch a game (soccer is pretty popular right now).
- Play some board games or cards under a palapa on the beach.
- Use this as an excuse to make Abuelita hot chocolate.
- Enjoy the day!

I’d plan a holiday to Canada but I hear it has been raining there too so I guess I’m headed for the pool. I have no idea why my dog won’t join me poolside.

Enjoy life's adventures!

With great love, Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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