Friday, March 30, 2012

Living in Puerto Aventuras now!

Did you miss me? It would appear I have not written in awhile. For those with inquiring minds .... I took a break. My husband and I still live in Mexico although we sold our beautiful house in Playa del Carmen last fall and have moved into a pretty awesome condo in Puerto Aventuras ( about 15 minutes further south).

We moved our kids, now 19 and 21 back to BC, Canada this last summer as they wanted to experience Canadian culture and pursue jobs there. It is safe to say they did experience culture shock living in Canada after living in Mexico for the last 11 years of their life. That will be another blog.

Shawn and I are enjoying our renewed honeymoon tremendously and we love our new condo. Yes, this is a picture from our living room. No open invitations to visit at this point as I think we have had non stop company since December. I have a lot to fill you in on but more another day.

Let each day be an adventure.
Make it an Outstanding Day!
Suzanne Marie Bandick