Friday, February 15, 2008

To live in or visit Mexico - is that your dream?

Are you trying to find a way to make your move to Mexico? Not sure where to turn, what to do or how to make the transition? I understand - I've been there and that is why my new coaching club may be of help!

I even have a surprise. Are you ready? The Live Your Dreams Coaching eClub now costs only $9.95 US to be a member. Yep, you read it right. See, your first dream may have just come true – that was easy!

What is your Dream? Dreams do come true at the club!

The "Live Your Dreams" Coaching Club offers coaching, empowerment, information, support and group interaction on how to live all of your dreams. Say goodbye to any negatives in your life and step into the positive! We have 2 live coaching calls a month, new live your dreams tips and ideas every Monday, a forum to ask questions and discuss concepts and so much more!

Why the great deal? I want to reach more people. The fun thing about dreams is that often everyone wins! I love that! Do you?

Here is what Traci said after a one 1/2 hour coaching session on Friday:

“Hi Suzanne, We had a great weekend !! Not only did I build sand castles but I went IN the ocean on a big pink floaty with my daughter... I never actually get beyond my ankles so it was pretty cool for her (and me).

I have also been practicing my positive thinking and guess what... made a big sale this morning. I guess this stuff really works. We all seemed a bit calmer this weekend with my new attitude.”
Thank you! Traci

My question to you is: Would you like to experiencing being in the flow of life? Where everything seems easy? Because it is possible to live every day like that if you choose to.

Receive the focus, empowerment and encouragement to make your dreams come true by become a member of the Live Your Dreams Coaching Club Master Mind today.

Experience it all for only $9.95 a month! Prices may later go up - but yours will stay at this for as long as you are a member.

Click here to see all the details. Don't put this aside. Go there now to see the benefits.

I have one request. I would love for you to bring a friend. Yes, you can even bring more than one! In fact I would love to have your help to get the word out by sending this invitation to everyone you know. No prejudging who might be interested in this - how would we really know? Would you do that for me? Thank you in advance! You are wonderful! I hope you already knew that.

When like minds come together, there is no telling to what heights we can reach!

We all have a dream and it may be easier to achieve if we don't feel like we are all alone.
Join the club that can empower you today for only $9.95 US a month!
Don’t forget to spread the word.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

P.S. My book: Only in Mexico You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico is available now on my site

Would you like help to visit or live in Mexico? Visit

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