Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The pleasures of living in Mexico in May

Ah, the pleasures of living in Mexico (Riviera Maya) run rampant this month.

It’s hot during the day … It cools off at night … it’s humid during the day … it rains a bit some days … things are greening up … the pool is the perfect temperature … the beaches are beautiful and for the time being quiet … all inclusives will give locals good discounts … flowers are everywhere … and mangoes are plentiful.

Life is very, very good here in the tropical paradise of Mexico.
In truth, I think living in Mexico is really great any month.

Feel free to add in your favorite things about living or being in Mexico.

Enjoy the Adventure! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick

Live your Dreams Life Coach

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Swanky said...

Looking at the forecast, it looks yucky. 60% chance of rain every day. Is it more like Florida with an afternoon thunderstorm?

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

That's interesting Swanky, I never look at the forcast! We will sometimes get an afternoon shower or a little rain late at night in May/June.

At least we don't get the days of dreary rain we used to get in Vancouver! Oh, that is another plus of living here!

Doesn't look like any rain in Playa today. Are you thinking of coming?

On Mexican Time said...

The forecast is never right! You have to come to Cancun area and see! LOL! Only us expats understand!!

I love the music, it adds so much to my day. The live street music has to be one of my MOST favourite things about Mexico!

Swanky said...

Yes. We are on our way down for a week on Saturday. This is maybe my 8th trip, my new bride's first.

I have not been to Playa on any trip.

We rented a car just to get down there and maybe visit Tulum (the town). My trip to Chichen Itza made me want to stay in Tulum and not go on! We want more of the native flavor.

Playa, El Paraiso beach, Tulum. Maybe Isla Blanca?

This is what make Cancun the best cacation destination. 8 trips and I am still excited about seeing and doing new things! There are just not many places with such variety.

Not too worried about weather. In all my trips I only had one that was "rained out".

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Ooh, a honeymoon! Congrats! Well it sounds like you will be enjoying yourself.

If you get back to Tulum try the beach spot of Ana y Jose's. Beautiful beach and great food.

And visit Playa this time!

Swanky said...

Back now. I have been to Cancun maybe 6-8 times, but not in 8-10 years. We will never be back.

You used to could go downtown and enjoy cheaper meals and an escape from the crazy shop vendors, etc. Now, Market 28 is just like Coral Negro. And the restaurants are MORE expensive!

Being in Cancun and El Centro was like have 4 small children with you constantly saying "Dad, can I have this?! Buy me this!" You could not walk down the street, shop or even have a meal for the constant barrage. I must have said "No, gracias" a million times. It ruined it all for us.

And having people grab your bags and help you do things for tips was great. Now, it is part of that contsant noise.

Playa del Carmen was wonderful however. We will come back and stay there in the future. Loved it!

Oh, and on the way to the airport in the rental car, taking my time, in no big hurry, I get pulled over for speeding. Warning? No. "I am taking your license. Pay the ticket ($1500 p) and we will deliver your license to your hotel in a few days." Um. I am on my way to the airport. "Okay. Pay the ticket and they will radio me and I will bring it to the police staion in an hour or two." Um. No. "Oh. You can pay me now." Great. Luckily we had the cash on hand...

Unfortunately, we had a poor time other than playing in the ocean by our hotel, Locando Paolo, and Playa del Carmen. And our hotel, Ambiance Villas was great.

Next time Playa!

Suzanne Marie Bandick said...

Thanks for sharing Swanky. Boy if I had all your experiences I am not sure I would want to come back. Did you ever make it to Tulum?

Well now you know where you don't want to go. As you said before there are lots of different adventures and experiences to be had in Mexico.

I do hope you will try again!