Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chilling out in Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic place to lay back, chill out and enjoy life. Why? I think it is the mixture of people’s attitudes, the culture as a whole, the warm temperatures, and the surroundings ... I can certainly attest to the chill out mode first hand as I haven’t even been writing blogs lately!

(Yes, that is me in the picture in Bacalar. What a life eh?) What day is it anyway? Actually I jest; I still have one son in school and I do have several life coaching clients so I do usually keep track of the days.

The point I have been pondering lately is how often do we allow ourselves to get caught up in one of life’s ever evolving dramas and then get all stressed out? Maybe none of the stress is necessary. It surely all works out in the end.

It is a choice. It is all a choice. It is much like my decision to move to Mexico in the first place. What I will always remember is that I moved to Mexico to enjoy a different way of life ... a different view of life ... and to embrace something new. No matter where we live, creating stress is optional.

The Mexican word mañana can be interpreted in many different ways. In my life it makes me remember that rarely is anything so important that I have to spoil my current moment to jump up and do it - later will be just fine. Mañana you say? Why argue with something that works? Embrace it. It’s a choice.

Only in Mexico you say?

Enjoy life's adventures!

With great love, Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick
Live your Dreams Life Coach

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