Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funny Spanish Classes

We just finished another Spanish Class. It is always a lot of fun ... and always different. We had a lot of laughter in the class - well, what better way to learn?

One student came to me after day 2 and said "I like to be funny and say funny things and I could never see myself (even after 3 years in Mexico) as being able to do that in Spanish ... and now I do." Yea! Personally I think we had more than one comedian in the room. One fellow would pick a word he liked in the 4005 words we already know section and try to make a sentence around that word ... so he ended up taking milk to the beach in his sentence. In another he was in a parade to the milk factory. The sentences started to play off other funny sentences made.

For me, one of the greatest joys in my own Spanish language confidence is being able to show my personality in my Spanish sentences. I think this class definitely got that! Our Spanish pronunciation coach, Memo, said he really enjoyed himself and we kept him on his toes.

No one said we had to be conventional!
The morning of day 3 ... one student said he was actually able to have a conversation and understand a taxi driver....another said he went with friends to a restaurant where none of the staff spoke English and he started by telling them he was learning Spanish and he used some of the polite phrases/ words he had learned in class and he felt they treated him like a best friend and introduced him to the family and the cook! Another received a call from the Mexican phone company and for the first time ever was able to understand what they said and communicate with them.

I feel wonderful empowering people in my adopted country of Mexico! Estoy Feliz!

Enjoy the Adventure!
Make it an Outstanding Day! Suzanne

Suzanne Marie Bandick

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